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BREAKING| Aby Ubaida: No prisoners’ swap without freeing Gilboa Prison breakers

Gaza (QNN)- Al Qassam brigades’ spokesperson, Abu Ubaida, has said that there will be no prisoners’ swap unless it includes Gilboa’s four breakers.

In a brief statement broadcasted on Saturday, Abu Ubaida added that “the heroes of the freedom tunnel will be freed honorably and the leadership of Al Qassam decided not to accomplish any future prisoners’ swap unless it includes those heroes.”

“If the heroes of the tunnel of freedom freed themselves under the ground, we promise them and all prisoners that they will be freed above the ground very soon”, he added.

“Rearresting some of the heroes of the tunnel of freedom does not cover the fact about their honorable act and the shame of the zionist security system.”

Abu Ubaida also said that the movement will not leave Jenin fighters alone against Israeli attacks. He also stressed that the movement will never abandon prisoners inside Israeli jails.

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