Jordanian student withdraws from intl JHU project over Israeli participation

Amman (QNN)- A Jordanian Architecture student at the University of Jordan has withdrawn from a global project proposed by the American John Hopkins University after choosing the Israeli occupation as a competitor to Jordan in The Middle East.

Lina Al-Hourani said on her Facebook account that the project is about creating economic, environmental, and urban solutions for cities in a post COVID world.

“631 cities in 99 countries were qualified for the project after creating smart solutions for cities’ recovery”, Lina wrote. “50 of them only were qualified, including our beloved Amman, and also Tel Aviv as a representative for the occupation entity in the Middle East. They were qualified to compete for the top 15 spots, each of which would win $1 million to start applying their visions in three years.”

“I only found out all of this in the first official meeting between a representative for the municipality and another for the project with us, the students, when they showed us the official promotion of the project. I expressed disapproval that Amman is participating with the occupation entity to represent the Middle East.”

When the municipality told Lina and the students that they only asked not to be on the same team with the occupation state, Lina responded stressing that “competing with whom I’m fighting for survival does nothing but proving that he does exist… and I reject that.”

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