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BREAKING| Israeli sniper who took part in crackdown on Gaza protest dies

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli Channel 13 reported on Monday that an Israeli sniper, who took part in a crackdown on protesters in Gaza leaving over 40 injuries, has died after spending nine days at hospital.

Barel Shmueli, who was one of several Israeli snipers who targeted protesters in Gaza while being stationed behind a concrete separation wall two weeks ago, died today after spending nine days in a serious condition.

Shmueli (21 years old), was from Bir Yaqub settlement in central Palestine. He worked as a border policeman before being recruited in the special undercover forces. He was trained on sniping and took part in operations against Palestinians.

The family of Shmueli had blamed the leader of the Israeli army’s Southern Commander for not shooting protesters before they even reached the concrete wall.

Massive protests had taken place on the eastern borders of Gaza demanding to end the Israeli siege on Gaza, which has been worsening the humanitarian situation in the already uninhabitable enclave, according to a report by the UN.

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