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On National Day for retrieval of martyrs’ bodies… ‘Israel’ continues to withhold 335 bodies

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- While Palestinians mark the National Day for the retrieval of the bodies of the martyrs, the occupation state continues to withhold 81 dead bodies in morgues and 254 in cemeteries of numbers.

Al Mizan Center for Human Rights condemned the Israeli ongoing violations against the Palestinian people, including withholding martyrs’ bodies.

Al Mizan stressed that the Israeli policy of withholding bodies of murdered Palestinians is a violation of the very basic rights of those killed by Israelis and it is an inhumane and immoral act.

The occupation state withholds bodies of Palestinians murdered by the Israeli army or settlers in order to use them as a bargaining chip against the resistance.

The Israeli government withholds unknown numbers of bodies of Palestinian and Arab victims, killed throughout the years of struggle, confrontation, and opposition. For this purpose, the Israeli Authorities created, in addition to morgues, cemeteries called the “Cemetery of Numbers”.

Although the number of these cemeteries and the locations of the refrigerators that hold the bodies are unknown, Israeli media sources revealed over the past years there are four such cemeteries. One is located near Jisr Benat Yakub, close to the Jordan River, and another is located in a closed military area between Jericho and Jisr ed-Damiye in the Jordan Valley. The third one, known as the Cemetery of Refedeem, lies in the Jordan Valley, and the Cemetery of Shuheitar is located near the Wadi Hamam village, north of Galilee between Mount Ariel and the Sea of Galilee.