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Israeli forces chase, detain dozens Palestinian workers heading to workplaces

Tulkarm (QNN)- Dozens of Palestinian workers were chased out and briefly detained near Far’un town in Tulkarm in the occupied West Bank by Israeli occupation forces earlier on Sunday while attempting to reach their workplaces.

Local sources said the Israeli forces chased dozens of Palestinian workers and detained them near the apartheid wall earlier today as they were heading to their workplaces in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

Due to the lack of job opportunities in the West Bank, some Palestinians are forced to look for employment in Israeli-occupied Palestine in order to make a living.

However, entrance into the Israeli-occupied Palestine requires that Palestinians from the West Bank apply for entry permits, which are virtually impossible to obtain.

As a result, Palestinian workers from the West Bank regularly attempt to cross the apartheid Wall without a permit, putting them at risk of being arrested or attacked by Israeli occupation forces.

Since 2002, ‘Israel’ has been constructing a wall that stretches for more than 700 kilometres, annexing Palestinian land inside the occupied West Bank. This wall is known as separation wall or apartheid wall.

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