Facebook temporarily suspends QNN Arabic-language page

Facebook has temporarily suspended the Arabic-language page of Quds News Network in a bid to suppress pro-Palestine content.

Quds News Network (QNN) announced earlier today it will publish on an alternative page as Facebook temporarily suspended the Arabic-language page of the network.

The Network pointed out that pro-Palestine networks are no strangers to such restrictions on social media as the latter’s have been deleting and deactivating the accounts of Palestinians and pro-Palestinians in coordination with the Israeli occupation government and security agencies, on the pretext of preventing Palestinian “incitement and hate speech” on its platform while stifling the Palestinian voices.

QNN said that fighting the pro-Palestine content on social media will not deter the news outlets or Palestinians from documenting and covering what the Israeli occupation commits in Palestine to the whole world.

The Network stressed that it will continue covering and documenting the Palestinian cause and will strongly stand against Israel’s ongoing stifling of the Palestinian narrative.

QNN also stressed it will maintain objectivity, accuracy, consistency and complete partiality to the Palestinian cause.

Sada Social Center, a Palestinian digital rights organisation specializes in protecting Palestinian narratives on social media platforms, documented more than 178 violations against Palestinian content during June 2021 only, Twitter topped the list with 93 violations, followed by Facebook with 74 violations, Instagram with 9 violations, TikTok with one violation and one violation on YouTube.

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