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Palestinian mothers held in Israeli jails denied of celebrating Eid with their children

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- As Muslims around the world celebrating Eid, about 12 Palestinian mothers held in Israeli jails for their resistance of the Israeli occupation are denied the right to celebrate this occasion with their children.

12 mothers out of 41 female prisoners in Israeli Jails are not only suffering the hardships of the prisons but are also suffering from their inability to be with their children on this occasion and all year around.

The mother prisoners include:

•Isra Jaabis, from Jerusalem, serving 11 years and a mother of one child.

•Khaleda Jarrar, from Ramallah, sentenced to two years, a mother of two daughters, one of her daughters died in July and ‘Israel’ refused to release Jarrar to attend her daughter’s funeral.

•Fadwa Hamadeh, Jerusalem, 10 years and a mother of five children.

•Amani Hashim, Jerusalem, 10 years and a mother of two children.

•Hilweh Hamamreh, Bethlehem, six years and a mother of one baby girl.

•Nisreen Hassan, Gaza, six years, mother of seven children.

•Inas Asafreh, Hebron, 30 months, two children.

•Aya Khatib, from 1948 territories, in detention, mother of two.

•Iman Awar, Jerusalem, 22 months, six children.

•Khitam Saafin, Ramallah, administrative detention, mother of three.

•Shurouq Badan, Bethlehem, administrative detainee, mother of a child.

•Anhar al-Hajjeh, Ramallah, detained on March 8, a mother of one child and is in her Seventh month of pregnancy.

The children of the imprisoned women miss their mothers on this occasion and even the mothers are living difficult psychological conditions as a result of extreme anxiety and stress, and constantly thinking of the conditions of their children and how they live without their mothers.

Israeli occupation authorities are holding 4,850 Palestinians in its jails, including 540 administrative detainees held without charge or trial, 225 children, and 41 women.

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