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Facebook restricted Palestinian reporter account for sharing prisoner message

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Facebook has reinstated the permissions of a Palestinian reporter’s account after it was suspended for posting a message from Palestinian political prisoner in Israeli Jails Khalida Jarrar about her dead daughter.

Omar Nazzal was notified last week that his Facebook account will be suspended for two months, shortly after he had posted the letter.

Facebook notification to Nazzal

The restrictions, however, were lifted on Tuesday.

Nazzal is a journalist and has been held by ‘Israel’ in administrative detention in the past.

“You can’t go live or advertise for 60 days. This is because you previously posted something that didn’t follow our Community Standards,” stated the notification in English from Facebook to Nazzal.

Israeli occupation authorities refused to release Jarrar to attend the funeral of her daughter, Suha, whose death was announced this month.

Jarrar, who is a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), was detained in March 2021 and was sentenced to two years in Israeli jails.

Jarrar knew about the death of her daughter on the radio, before even her lawyer informed her.

“It was very hard and painful to know that my darling Suha passed away, I have missed her too much. Please tell all my beloved ones to take care, I am strong,” Jarrar told her lawyer after being informed about her daughter’s death.

“Suha came into the world while her father was in jail, and she is leaving the world while her mother is in jail,” Jarrar’s letter begins. Suha’s father, Ghassan Jarrar, was held in administrative detention, without trial or charges, at the time of Suha’s birth.

The letter continues: “This is an intense human summary of the life of a Palestinian who loves life and hope and freedom and hates slavery and colonialism. The occupation takes from us everything, even the air we breathe, and bans everything, as it banned me from saying goodbye to my little bird Suha.”

It was Nazzal who found Suha’s body in her Ramallah home, after her father, who had spent a day in Jenin, and her sister, Yafa, who lives in Canada, were unable to reach her.