Al Aqsa Preacher: Settlers’ raid on Arafa day was ordered by Bennett

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Preacher of Al Aqsa mosque and President of the High Islamic Council, Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, told QNN that the Israeli Prime Minister Neftali Bennett, ordered and supervised the settlers’ raid into Al Aqsa mosque on Arafa day.

Sabi also told QNN that the raids reflect the Israeli ambitions to steal the holy mosque and Bennett’s wish to stand out among other politicians.

“This appears clearly in the violent repression against worshipers in Al Aqsa mosque and the brutal behaviour against women”, he said.

Sabri held the Israeli authorities responsible for the consequences of its violations and called on the Arab and Islamic world to act and stop the Israeli attacks.

“The occupation state had already announced its intentions to storm Al Aqsa but no Arab or Muslim countries acted although all of them brag about protecting Jerusalem”, Sabri said.

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