‘Israel’ to evacuate Orthodox scout camp over raising Palestine flag

Bethlehem (QNN)- Israeli forces on Saturday threatened to evacuate the Orthodox scout camp in Bethlehem if its management continues to raise the Palestine flag.

The director of public relationships in the camp, Tareq Jahshan, said the Israeli army threatened to evacuate the camp by force. they added that the management should remove the Palestine flag and a mobile kitchen.

He also told QNN that the camp is an annual event. It has been being organized during the last five years in Beit Jala.

“They gave us two hours to comply or they would empty the camp by force”, Jahshan said. “As soon as they issued their warning people started coming to protect the camp”.

Jahshan added that they insist that they will not remove the Palestinian flag, stressing that removing it means closing the scout camp “which is rejected and unacceptable”.

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