Leader of Australia’s Labor Party reiterates position backing recognizing Palestine

Sydney (QNN)- The leader of the Australian Labor Party, Anthony Albanese, has reiterated his position, backing recognizing Palestine and stressed that the Australian government is treating that as a priority.

Former Australian Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, tweeted that Albanese told a pro-Israel delegation that “he’s foursquare behind Labor’s national platform commitment to recognize Palestine and in government treat it as a priority.”

“No back down either on Labor’s opposition to settlement expansion in occupied territories. The settlement expansion ramped up by Israel’s new government undermines any prospect of a two state solution.”

The statement comes shortly following reports stating that Albanese attacked the BDS movement and described it as being “based upon a racial targeting of a group, in this case Israel”.

While the Labor party’s Right faction in Victoria has maintained its more supportive position on the occupation state, the New South Wales (NSW) Right – aided by the influence of Carr, has split.

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