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Israeli army uses prohibited exploding bullets against protesters in Beita

Nablus (QNN)- The Israeli army has been using internationally prohibited exploding bullets to repress peaceful protests in Beita, according to medical sources.

The Red Crescent said that Israeli soldiers used “Tutu” and “dumdum” bullets, causing serious wounds to young men and children.

The Red Crescent told QNN that Israeli soldiers left a protester with fractures in his throat after a bullet’s shrapnel got into his mouth. They added that Israeli soldiers used Tutu and Dumdum bullets, leaving several injuries among protesters.

These kinds of bullets blow and cut the arteries of those targeted. The shrapnel of such bullets also causes serious injuries inside the body, according to the Red Crescent.

They added that Israeli soldiers deliberately aim at leaving protesters with permanent disabilities, shooting at the lower parts of their bodies.

The association also said that the occupation army usually puts obstacles against medical teams, preventing them from doing their job.

Yesterday, during confrontations that left dozens of protesters wounded, medical sources said Israeli soldiers shot the child Muhammad Hamayel using an exploding bullet that infiltrated several parts of his body.

The child Muhammad Hamayel after being wounded with prohibited exploding bullets.

Saleh Hamayel, Muhammad’s uncle, told QNN that the bullet hit the ground but its shrapnel reflected and hit his chest near the heart. Other shrapnel also got into his body and infiltrated several organs including his spleen.

He added that doctors in Nablus hospital made surgery for Muhammad to remove his spleen.

He also noted that the bullets that the Israelis have been using cause shrapnel that hit several protesters at the same time and leaves them with serious injuries.

Saleh was also injured during a protest on May 14 while he was helping a wounded young man. He said that Israeli soldiers shot him with a bullet that hit his shoulder and got out from his back.

He confirmed that the Israelis target the lower parts of the body to cause permanent disabilities. He also noted that Israeli soldiers targeted paramedics in several occasions, shooting them in their faces.

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