Exclusive| PA signed expired COVID-19 vaccines deal with Israel

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Palestinian Authority has signed a “Vaccination Supply Agreement” with the occupation state of ‘Israel’, in which it acknowledes that each of the stored dozes has a stated expiration date of either end of June or July 2021.

The agreement, obtained exclusively by Quds News Network, is effective as of June 2021 and was signed by and between the Palestinian Authority (“PA”) and the Israeli Ministry of Health, acting on its own behalf and on behalf of the occupation state of ‘Israel’.

The agreement states that ‘Israel’ supplies 1.399320 stored dozes with expiration date of either end of June or July 2021 to the PA and in exchange, the PA supplies ‘Israel’ with the same number of the anticipated dozes that the PA will procure from Pfizer.

The agreement shows that the PA “is accepting such Stored Doses in their current condition as of the Effective Date “as-is” and “where-is” and, as between Israel and PA, it shall assume all risks associated with the administration of the Vaccine in the Territory and specifically the Stored Doses.”

It also shows that the “PA accepts all responsibility with respect to the Stored Doses and all liability, whether known or unknown, fixed or contingent, with respect to the Stored Doses will be transferred from Israel to PA and assumed by PA.”

The agreement states that within 3 days of each shipment of stored doses the PA shall pay to Pfizer the full price of the number of shipped stored doses as if they were shipped under the PA-Pfizer agreement.

“Within 25 days of the execution date, PA and Israel shall discuss the schedule of anticipated doses shipments to be requested from Pfizer on behalf of both parties,” the agreement also points out.

The agreement also states that the stored doses are being provided to PA “solely for use in the Territory and shall be administered solely to Territory Residents.”

It also states that the PA should not transfer any of the stored doses outside of the territory for any reason or administer the Stored Doses within the territory to anyone other than territory residents.

“Israel, in its sole discretion, shall have the right to require any information or document required to ensure compliance with territory restrictions,” the agreement reads.

Lately, the Palestinian Authority announced it cancelled a Pfizer vaccine doses swap deal with the occupation state after it has sparked outrage among Palestinians.

During a press conference, the spokesperson of the government, Ibrahim Melhem, said the Ministry of Health examines the vaccine doses and found out that they have expired in June 2021, which violates the deal.

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