Rep. Marie Newman urges Biden to stop Israel’s ethnic cleansing

Washington (QNN)- Congresswoman Marie Newman on Friday called on the Biden administration to intervene and stop Israel’s forcible evictions of native Palestinians in Jerusalem.

Congresswoman Newman, a Democrat from Illinois, urged Biden to end the displacement of Palestinian families, who continue to fight expulsion from the eastern part of Jerusalem and across the rest of the West Bank.

“Today I rise on behalf of the thousands of Palestinian families in the West Bank that face the prospect of eviction, demolition and displacement from their homes by the Israeli government,” she said.

“We have received word that demolition orders have already begun for homes in the al-Bustan neighbourhood of Silwan in East Jerusalem.”

Israeli authorities handed demolition orders to 20 native Palestinian families living in 17 houses in Al Bustan neighbourhood. The occupation state plans to ethnically cleanse natives to make way for Israeli settler projects.

On Tuesday, Israeli forces broke into the neighbourhood and destroyed a shop. They also arrested several members of Al Rajabi family, which owns the shop.

Israeli authorities had asked the owners of the butcher shop to demolish the building themselves or face having to pay for the cost of police vehicles and a bulldozer that would carry out the demolition, which could run up to $100,000. The family refused.

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