Israeli media: PA applied to purchase riot gear to repress West Bank protests

Ramallah (QNN)- The Palestinian Authority has made a rare request recently, asking to purchase riot gear, reported Israeli Ynet.

The Israeli newspaper added citing Palestinian officials that the reason behind the request is that the PA is preparing for wider protests across the West Bank.

It added that the PA intends to increase and renew its stock of riot gear. It asked to purchase tear gas and sound bombs to use them in protests repression.

Ynet also said that the PA always has a backup of such equipment. It usually takes approval from the occupation state to store them.

Ynet noted that the Israeli security system has a vested interest in maintaining the stability of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

In the same context, Palestinian factions commented on the Israeli report stressing that the PA’s silence is proof that it plans to continue repression.

The spokesperson for Hamas, Abdurrahman Shadid, told QNN that what the PA’s security forces is doing against protesters reflects that it lost its balance. He also deplored the PA’s repression against protesters and protection of settlers.

“It [The PA] did not only commit the crime of assassinating Nizar Banat, it rather repressed all voices that showed solidarity with Banat’s family”, Shadid said.

“The PA is actually practices repression, kills, tortures, and commits crimes beyond the reach of the law through requests sent to the occupation, not only through using gear made to confront peaceful protests.”

The spokesperson for Al Jihad Al Islami (IJ) movement, Tareq Salmi, said “asking for assistance from the enemy is another crime” that the PA has committed.

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