Exclusive| Abby Martin: “Israel is losing support on the international stage and the most policed speech in the US is the pro-Palestine speech”

In an interview for Quds News Network, American journalist and the founder and host of The Empire Files, Abby Martin, said that “the most policed and criminalized speech in the United States is the pro-Palestine speech”. Abby Martin’s words came while commenting on her legal victory against the State of Georgia, in May, where the court ruled the State’s anti-BDS law “unconstitutional””, following a lawsuit filed by Abby Martin alongside with the Council of American Islamic Relations- CAIR and the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund -PCJF. Speaking to Quds News Network, Abby Martin described the ruling as “a huge Victory”, adding that “the US, working alongside the Israeli government, are passing these laws because they want to pre-emptively hold back the tide of justice that they know is mounting every day to hold Israel accountable for war crimes”.

“Losing the grip on the narrative”

Abby Martin’s 21-minute interview with Qassam Muadddi also covered the issue of the Israeli narrative in the US mainstream media, and the growing counter-narrative in recent years, especially through independent, online-based alternative journalism, including Palestinian voices. “Israel is losing its grip on the narrative and on dictating the agenda, because of the advent of social media and Palestinians being able to film their own story”, she said, adding that “Israel is losing support on the international stage every time they commit heinous war crimes on camera”. Martin also referred to her 2019 documentary “Gaza fights for freedom” where she documented the 2018-2020 Gaza’s Great March of Return and the Israeli targeting of civilian protesters during the march, which she recently made available on youtube.

“It has a lot to do with BLM”

In the same context, Abby Martin referred to the growing consciousness about the Palestinian cause in the US. “It has a lot to do with Black Lives Matter”, she pointed out, as she elaborated on the expanding awareness, in the American public, of the US history related to racism and colonialism.

Abby Martin is also the former host of RT’s “Breaking The Set” and co-founder and editor-in-chief of “Media Roots”. As part of her work in “The Empire Files”, she has produced several investigative reports and documentaries covering the US policies in places like Colombia, Venezuela, Uganda, Korea, Afghanistan, Haiti, and Palestine. At the end of her interview for Quds News Network, Martin shared her insight on the Palestinian struggle as part of the global struggle against US imperialism, as well as her view of its future possibilities, adding her special message for the Palestinian people.

You can watch Qassam Muaddi’s full interview with Abby Martin for Quds News Network on QNN’s Facebook page today at 8:00 pm Jerusalem time.

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