Israeli decision to evacuate illegal settlement outpost in Beita

Beita (QNN)- The Israeli channel seven reported that the Israeli army ordered to evacuate the illegal settlement outpost of Evitar. Israeli settlers built ‘Evitar’ weeks ago on the top of Sabih mountain in Beita, Nablus.

The Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yair Lapid, said that the evacuation will be “according to [Israel] laws”.

Locals of the town of Beita have been for over 50 days confronting the illegal outpost. The Israeli army killed six residents of the village, three of them were children, during daily protests and confrontations in the village.

Activists from the town told QNN that the night confusion activities, which take place on a daily basis, aim at forcing settlers to evacuate the outpost because “Beita decided to win”.

They stressed that their activities will continue until they remove the outpost. They also stated that the Israeli talks about evacuating it means nothing until they do that on the ground.

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