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Palestinians call on to #SaveBeita, after Israel’s establishment of outpost

Nablus (QNN)- On Wednesday, a Palestinian youth was shot dead in the head by Israeli occupation forces in Beita town in Nablus in the northern of occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian Ahmed Bani Shamsa was announced dead today after being critically injured in the head by the Israeli forces in Beita town yesterday, during a protest against Israel’s construction of a settlement outpost in his town in Mount Sabih.

In early May, a group of Israeli settlers set up caravans on Jabal Sabih, and with the help of Israeli occupation forces have since prevented any Palestinian access to the area.

Since then, Beita has witnessed several protests against the new settler outpost on Jabal Sabih, which lies on the southern outskirts of the village and comprises an estimated 30 percent of Beita’s entire land area.

The livelihoods of at least 17 Palestinian families – more than 100 people – are threatened as they depend on harvesting their olives on land they have owned for generations.

In addition to Ahmad, 4 young Palestinian men were also killed during protests on Jabal Sabih.

In mid-May, the Israeli forces killed three Palestinians during protests on Jabal Sabih, including Beita residents Zakariya Hamayel, a local school teacher, and Dr Issa Barham, a law professor.

A third young man, identified as Tareq Snowbar from the nearby village of Yatma, was also killed during protests in Beita on 16 May.

15-year-old Mohammed Hamayel was also shot and killed by Israeli forces last Friday while joining the subsequent demonstrations there along with his friends, neighbours and family.

Dozens more in the village have been wounded, including many with live ammunition who are still being treated in hospital.

Other protesters suffocated from teargas fired at them by the occupation forces during the protests.

Villages in the occupied West Bank often hold Friday demonstrations against land confiscation, house demolitions and Israeli settlements deemed illegal under international law.

Israeli forces usually respond to the protests with violence.

There are nearly 700,000 Israeli settlers living in 256 illegal settlements and outposts scattered across the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Israeli settlements are illegal under international law.

Many Pro-Palestine activists have been tweeting in support of Beita and its residents, exposing what is happening in the town and Israel’s violence against Beita’s residents.

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