Factions: All Israeli governments adopt policy to kill Palestinians

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Hamas said on Sunday that it does not count on any change in the Israeli governments as “all Israeli governments agree on the policy of murdering Palestinians and depriving them of their rights”.

The spokesperson for Hamas Sami Abu Zohri also said that “the failure of Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the consequences of the victory of the resistance in Jerusalem’s sword battle”.

Meanwhile, Yousef Hasayneh, members of the IJ’s political bureau said the new more extremist government would trigger tensions. He said that the aggressive policies against the Palestinian people, especially regarding settlement, would raise further tensions.

Tareq Silmi, IJ’s spokesperson, said ‘Israel’ is ruled by a security and military system, which will not stop terrorizing Palestinians. He added that no one counts on changes of faces in the occupation state.

Mustafa Al-Barghouthi, Secretary-General of the Palestinian Initiative movement, said the new Israeli government is even more extreme. He said Neftali’s government is a government of settlement and racism and it is even more extreme than Netanyahu’s.

Barghouthi cited Neftali as stressing that he will support settlement expansion in ‘C’ area. Neftali had also expressed his rejection of establishing a Palestinian State.

“We must confront this racism government by popular resistance and sanctions”, Barghouti said. “No one should allow himself to even have talks with it”.

In the same vein, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Israeli policies will not change. “They will not change if they do not get worse”, The Ministry said. “Especially that the new leaders were even farther right in comparison to Netanyahu.”

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