Calls for rallies in Jerusalem, mobilization in Gaza, Lebanon to confront settlers’ raid on Tuesday

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Committee of Islamic and National Groups called for announcing the next Tuesday a day of rage and mobilization throughout occupied Palestine and refugee camps.

The committee said in a press release that all groups will continue to confront the occupation and Israeli settlers, who announced that they will carry out a massive raid throughout Jerusalem on Tuesday.

It also called on “our resilient people in the 1948-occupied territories and the West Bank to rally towards Jerusalem and Al Aqsa mosque on Tuesday to protect the holy mosque”.

The committee called on all armed resistance groups in Palestine and Lebanon and everywhere in Arab countries to mobilize and prepare its forces to defend Al Aqsa mosque and the Palestinian capital city.

“We call on all free people everywhere to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and its just cause and end the Israeli aggression on our people and holy places”, it stated. “Let the world know that the continuous Israeli violations in Jerusalem will remain to be the trigger, which sparks the fight.”

The occupation state has announced that a massive settlers’ raid, called the ‘Flag March’, celebrating the occupation and annexation of Jerusalem, will be organized on Tuesday.

The resistance had warned the occupation state of allowing the raid, stressing that any Israeli violation against Al Aqsa mosque or the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood will spark another battle between the resistance and the occupation state.

Last month, Israeli violations in the holy city sparked an 11-day-long battle with the resistance factions in Gaza.

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