Over 500 US journalists sign letter demanding truthful reporting on Palestine

Washington (QNN)- 514 journalists in the United States signed a letter calling for truthful reporting on the situation in Palestine and stressing that “finding truth and holding the powerful to account are core principles of journalism.”

“We are calling on journalists to tell the full, contextualized truth without fear or favor, to recognize that obfuscating Israel’s oppression of Palestinians fails this industry’s own objectivity standards”, the letter read.

It also highlighted the bias of most American media outlets and the language, which uses terms that do not reflect reality, however it conveys misleading news.

“Take, for example, the language used in the recent coverage of East Jerusalem neighborhood Sheikh Jarrah. Media outlets often refer to forced displacement of Palestinians living there — illegal under international law and potentially a war crime — as “evictions.”

The letter added that most of the times media outlets repeat Israeli claims regarding attacks on Gaza without even asking for evidence or proof, despite clear examples where Israeli officials spread false information.

The signigators includes journalists from different media outlets, including leading TV channels and newspapers, like Al Jazeera, ABC News, BuzzFeed, Vice News, TIME, Jewish Currents, Mondoweiss, The Intercept, and The Washington Post.

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