Abu Ubaida: Resistance observing situation in Jerusalem

Gaza (QNN)- The spokesperson for the military wing of Hamas, Abu Ubaida, on Thursday warned of the Israeli raids throughout occupied Jerusalem and Al Aqsa mosque.

“Al Qassam Brigades and its leadership is closely observing the situation in Jerusalem and Al Aqsa mosque and the provocative and hostile attempts by colonizers and their leaders”, Abu Ubaida tweeted yesterday.

“We warn of compromising Al Aqsa and we salute the free people of Jerusalem for confronting and resisting the assaults on Al Aqsa”, he added.

Israeli settlers, led by the terrorist MK Itamar Ben-Gvir, have raided Bab Al Amoud in occupied Jerusalem, breaking a police order, following the cancelation of a massive settlers raid throughout the occupied Palestinian capital city.

The resistance had warned that Jerusalem is a red line and that any Israeli violations in the city, especially against Al Aqsa mosque or the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, would push the resistance to intervene.

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