Survey: Favorability of ‘Israel’ across Europe decreased sharply since February

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- A new survey by a major UK-based public opinion and data company revealed that the favorability of the occupation state across Europe has sharply decreased since last February.

The survey, conducted by YouGov revealed that net favorability for the occupation state has fallen by at least 14 points in all European countries surveyed.

Surprisingly, the survey also revealed that in France and Germany, in which anti-Palestine laws are being applied, Israel’s favorability has decreased significantly. In Germany, Israel’s reputation lost 14 points, while in France Israel’s favorability decreased 23 points from -13 to -36, the country’s lowest favourability rating amongst the French since May 2019.

Of all the countries surveyed, ‘Israel’ is least favorable amongst Britons, with favorability falling from -14 in February to -41 in May, its lowest rating in Britain since YouGov started asking this question in 2016.

Israel’s favorability is lowest amongst Labour voters, of whom only 13% view the occupation state favorably, with 68% viewing the occupation state unfavorably (a net score of -55). Conservative voters view the occupation state more favorably, although perceptions are still largely negative: 29% have a favorable impression of the occupation state while 53% have an unfavorable impression (net -24), according to the survey.

In Denmark, Israel’s favorability saw a 22 point drop from -17 to -39.

A wave of pro-Palestine protests has swept several European countries recently, especially amid the Israeli violations against residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and worshipers at Al Aqsa mosque during the holy month of Ramadan, as well as, the Israeli recent aggression on Gaza.

Police in Paris and Berlin cracked down on several pro-Palestine protests, in which thousands took part.

Human rights advocate and founder of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, Rami Abdu, said that the sharp decrease in Israel’s reputation among Europeans can be related to the nature and forms of violations that have been recently practiced by the occupation state and published on social media.

Also, Palestinian and pro-Palestine activists increased their use of social media instead of depending on traditional media, according to Abdu.

“The Israeli narrative now is shaky, contradictory, and aggressive”, Abdu said. “It also uses labeling, like accusations of antisemitism, without presenting a convincing narrative to the people”.

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