Israeli researchers say consensus emerging in ‘Israel’ that Gaza resistance won

Stocks of Israeli arms companies, which have been bragging about their 'battle-tested' weapons, have been going down recently.

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli researcher and author said that a consensus is emerging in the Israeli media, and among politicians and military command, that the resistance in Gaza effectively defeated the occupation state.

In a piece published on the Middle East Eye, Shir Hever, an Israeli economic researcher, said although Israeli air strikes killed over 250 citizens, including 66 children, and wounded over 1900 others, Israelis agree that the resistance in Gaza has won the battle.

He added that the resistance has achieved “its goal of establishing itself as a player that cannot be ignored when it comes to Jerusalem and Al Aqsa Mosque.”

“Israel’s “mowing the lawn” doctrine of repeated strikes on the Gaza Strip in order to prevent Palestinian resistance movements from accumulating military power, has largely failed”, he added.

Hever pointed out that the main reason why the resistance has won is that it has been narrowing the military imbalance that has long existed between the resistance factions and the Israeli army.

“The new military capabilities of Hamas – long-range and more accurate rockets, drones and an unmanned submarine – have taken the Israeli military by surprise”, he wrote.

In the same piece, Antony Loewenstein, an independent journalist who was recently based in Jerusalem and is writing a book on how Israel’s occupation has gone global, said that Palestine is often a testing ground for new Israeli weapons and defence equipment. However, stocks of Israeli arms companies have been going down during the recent Israeli aggression on Gaza, as opposed to in previous rounds, in which it went up.

“In the recent conflict between Gaza and Israel, it seems that Hamas improved its weaponry with more accurate, long-range missiles. However, historically, many of Israel’s most sophisticated surveillance technology and weapons were first developed for use against Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and Israeli itself,” Loewenstein said.

“Israeli companies still talk about ‘battle-tested’ weapons for global sale. Many of the key ‘innovators’ in this space work for Israel’s notorious cyber Unit 8200 and take this experience into the private sector, leading to techniques perfected in Palestine used and abused in global conflicts.”

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