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‘Israel’ to arrest 500 Paleetinians over next 48 hours to “settle accounts”

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Beginning today and over the next 48 hours, Israel has declared its intent to arrest 500 Palestinians living in the 1948-occupied Palestinian territories to “settle accounts.”

The arrest campaign entitled “Operation Law and Order” will be implemented by Israeli occupation forces against what it identified as a “bank of targets.”.

According to a statement by Palestinian youth organizers, thousands of Israeli security forces of all units and brigades, including the notorious border patrol and the reserve brigades, are being deployed to execute this violent operation against Palestinian villages and cities.

The statement reads in part: “This is a declaration of war. The Israelis will invade more than 500 homes to kidnap our children and youth. This is not a mere ‘attempt to terrorize,’ or a ‘policy of fear-mongering,’ this is an unprecedented declaration of war on Palestinian citizens of Israel, and will be implemented under a humiliating silence.Our people must take action now to resist this war, the world has got to move now. Now before the criminals invade our neighborhoods and communities.”

Thousands of Israeli forces are now carrying out violent arrests, kicking in doors, brutalizing families and arresting palestinians.

It said that this campaign is an attempt to intimidate and discipline those who participated in the Unity Uprising for justice and liberation.

Palestinians say this is the settler colonial project’s way of attempting to crush the people’s spirit, resistance and resilience.

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