French police represses pro-Palestine protesters, attacks journalists

Paris (QNN)- The police in France repressed a peaceful protest, which took to the streets of Paris to reject the Israeli attacks on Palestinians throughout Palestine.

French police used water cannons and tear gas canisters against peaceful protesters, aiming at preventing any protests supporting Palestinians.

Several journalists reported that French cops attacked them.

France’s interior minister had tweeted that he asked police to ban the pro-Palestine protest.

“Serious disturbances to the public order were noted in 2014,” he claimed, referring to protests against an Israeli offensive on Gaza that year.

“Instructions were given to prefects to be particularly vigilant and firm,” he added.

Human rights activists had called for a protest in the Barbes district of northern Paris to demonstrate against Israel’s intensifying aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip and crackdowns on native Palestinians in Jerusalem, West Bank, and 1948-occupied territories.

140 Palestinians, including 39 children and 22 women have been killed and 1000 civilians were wounded in Israeli strikes on Gaza so far. In the West Bank, Israeli forces killed ten Palestinians on Friday only and wounded hundreds of others. Meanwhile, armed state-supported settlers attacked native Palestinians in 1948-occupied territories and targeted them in lynching attacks.

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