Video| Al Qassam reveals new local made qualitative weapons

Gaza (QNN)- Al Qassam Brigades announced that it has started using a new local made weapon in the battle with the occupation state.

Al Qassam said that it used local made Shihab suicide drones to target an Israeli gas platform off the coast of northern Gaza on Wednesday and Israeli troops on Gaza borders on Thursday.

The new move came “in response to the zionist aggression on our people in the Gaza strip, and the assassination of leaders and engineers of Al Qassam, according to a statement by al Qassam. “We promise the enemy of more if it continues its aggression”, the statement added.

Earlier on Thursday, Al Qassam said that it has used Ayyash 250 missiles with ranges of 220 km to shell Ramon airport, which is located 220 km away from Gaza in southern occupied Palestine.

The statement added that all Israeli airports and every single spot in Palestine in reachable.

Al Qassam’s Chief of Staff, Muhammad Deif, had called on international airlines to immediately halt their trips to all airports in occupied Palestine.

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