For the first time… Resistance drone strikes Israeli soldiers

Gaza (QNN)- One Israeli soldier has been wounded on Tuesday after a resistance drone threw an explosive shell at an Israeli unit.

Israeli 0404 website said that a drone threw an explosive shell at a group of soldiers in the North to the Gaza strip, wounding one soldier.

This is the first time for the resistance to use drones during Israeli aggressions on Gaza.

The operation took place in parallel with the resistance’s targeting of Askalan and Asdood showering both occupied cities with barrages of missiles, which was the largest strike as Al Qassam Brigades called it. Israeli media, however, described the operation as being “madness”.

Al Qassam Brigades and Saraya Al Quds had warned to strongly retaliate if the occupation state targets civilians and resistance leaders. However, the occupation state targeted civilians, killing 20 including nine children, last night.

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