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Pictures| Israeli sweep operation to find resistance fighter fails

Nablus (QNN)- The Israeli army carried out a massive sweep operation on Wednesday throughout Nablus and the town of Aqraba, searching for a resistance fighter who carried out an operation at Za’tara military checkpoint two days ago. The sweep operation, however, has failed.

Israeli forces surrounded an agricultural room in the town of Aqraba and used intensive live ammunition and bombs after using loudspeakers to order persons, whom they thought to be inside the room, to surrender.

After inflicting severe damage to the room, the Israeli army found out that it was empty.

Israeli forces also searched Al Qit’a area and broke into locals’ houses. however, their efforts failed to find the fighter.

In the same vein, Israeli soldiers opened fire at QNN correspondent Mu’tasem Saqfel Heit as well as other journalists, who were covering the damage that the Israeli army caused to the room.

Israeli soldiers also attacked QNN correspondents Mu’tasem Saqfel Heit and Abdullah Bahsh again and confiscated their phones before preventing them from covering the operation. The army also threw tear gas at the vehicle of journalist Ameed Shihada.

Local sources said an Israeli force raided Altaf in the southeast of the town and searched houses, water wells, and caves.

The Israeli army also launched a surveillance balloon over the town and used drones during the operation.

The town of Aqraba has been surrounded for days. Several locals were arrested to push the resistance fighter to surrender.

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