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EuroMed Rights: ‘Israel’ demolished 31 houses, 27 structures in 2021

Meanwhile, Israeli authorities approved the construction of 4982 settlement units during the same period.

Geneva (QNN)- The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network said that the occupation state demolished 31 houses and 27 structures this year. Meanwhile, it approved the construction of 4982 settlement units during the same period.

Data collected by the EuroMed Rights revealed that the Israeli demolition and eviction policy against native Palestinians expanded rapidly during the last four months. meanwhile, thousands of illegal settlement units were built during the same period, perpetrating the Israeli apartheid policy.

The Geneva-based human rights watchdog said on Sunday that its teams have documented 86 violations related to demolition and illegal settlement during the last four months. Most violations were carried out in March.

The watchdog said that the Israeli occupation forces demolished 31 houses during the four months, half of them were forcefully demolished by their owners.

In the same vein, the network’s data added that the Israeli authorities confiscated three houses and ordered eviction from six houses and from a whole neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem.

The Israeli demolition and eviction policy forced dozens of families, including women and children, to remain homeless. Israeli forces have even dismantled tents that have been placed to shelter those, whose houses were demolished.

The EuroMed also said that until the issuance of its report, 28 families, consisting of nearly 500 members, living in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood are under threat of eviction following Israeli courts’ decisions that legitimize the confiscation of their houses and giving them to settlers. The mass eviction, if carried out, will be one of the largest.

An Israeli court has Sunday delayed the expulsion of the Palestinian families until Thursday to “reach an agreement with the Israeli settlers”, which implies expelling native Palestinians from their houses and give them to Israeli settlers.

The report added that Israeli authorities have confiscated eight residential buildings and ordered to confiscate 13 others in the eastern part of occupied Jerusalem in 2020. It also stressed that the forced eviction operations and demolition of houses cause severe harm to the targeted families, which are crimes that amount to ethnic cleansing.

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