Sudan annuls its ‘Israel’ boycott law

Khartoum (QNN)- The Sovereign Council and the cabinet of Sudan’s interim government gave its final approval on Monday to the annulment of a 1958 law that forbade diplomatic and business relations with the occupation state of ‘Israel’.

Earlier this month, Sudan’s cabinet voted to repeal the law, however, the move needed the approval of a joint meeting of Sudan’s Sovereign Council and cabinet, which together act as Sudan’s interim legislative body, to come into effect.

The 1958 law was in line with the policies of Arab nations at the time towards ‘Israel’.

Penalties for those who violated its stipulations, such as trading with Israelis, included up to 10 years in jail and a hefty fine.

But the political landscape has changed as Sudan, along with Gulf countries and Morocco, have normalized ties last year with the occupation state in deals brokered by the administration of former US President Donald Trump, under the name of Abraham accords.

The approval is seen as a step that could pave the way for official visits and further diplomatic ties between Sudan and the occupation state.

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