Exclusive| Facebook uncovers hacking groups related to PA’s Preventive Security Service

Exclusive (QNN)- Facebook revealed that it spotted and neutralized spying and hacking groups related to the Palestinian Authority’s Preventive Security Service (PSS).

During a meeting between QNN and Facebook, the social media giant said that hacking and spying groups have been targeting users, especially those interested in Palestine news inside Palestine as well as other countries like Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, and Turkey.

One of the groups calls itself “The barren snake”. It targets users inside Palestine as well as in other countries of the region, targeting officials, Fatah members, student activists, and security forces members.

The group used a vast infrastructure to support its operations, which targeted over 100 websites. It also used malware for Android and IOS and tried to steal information through phishing or by working as command-and-control [C&C] servers.

The detected groups are originated in the West Bank. They adopted social engineering to drag users into clicking on links that lead to malware.

According to Facebook, the firm has taken steps against two separate groups of hackers, related to the PSS in Palestine. It also denied them the ability to use the infrastructure that they have been using to spread malware, aiming at hacking users’ accounts.

Facebook confirmed that it has removed both groups, launched anti-malware, and sent warnings to all targeted users.

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