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Pictures| Israeli police attacks citizen with canines, leaves him bleeding for hours before arresting him

Occupied Hebron (QNN)- The Israeli police on Saturday attacked Asad Al Sharha from Dura in occupied Hebron, brutally beating him and unleashing canines at him before he got arrested.

Al Sharha said that a Yasam unit arrested hi while he was at work in the 1948-occupied territories after savagely attacking him, which caused fractures and wounds all over his body.

He said that a Yasam police unit broke into the place of his work, so he tried to escape fearing their cruelty, as the Yassam is known for brutally beating those, whom they arrest.

“After I escaped, they surrounded me and unleashed their dogs, which attacked me and started biting me, which caused serious injuries”, he said.

He also told QNN that the Israeli policemen did not only attacked him with canines, ut also started beating him savagely all over his body.

“While they were beating me, one of them strongly stepped with his boots on my knee and I almost got suffocated”, he said. “Not mentioning the wound in my head, which kept bleeding for hours”.

“When they finished beating me, they called an ambulance. The medical crew refused to treat me and asked me to pay for that but I told them that I wouldn’t move even if they shoot me”, he added.

After leaving him for several hours, according to Asad, an ambulance took him to a police station, where he was held for several hours although his whole body was bleeding. After that, Israeli soldiers came to take him and they threw him at a military checkpoint close to occupied Hebron.

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