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Prisoner released after losing memory under Israeli torture

Ramallah (QNN)- Israeli authorities on Thursday released Mansour Shahatit after he spent 17 years in Israeli jails. Shahatit, from Dura in occupied Hebron, lost memory under the Israeli torture.

Shahatit was arrested in March 2004 and sentenced to 17 years in jail after he was accused of stabbing a settler in occupied Bir Al Sabeh. When he was arrested he wasn’t suffering from any illnesses. However, after several severe torture sessions, he had tachycardia.

The Israelis put him in solitary confinement for long years, which caused him shortness of breath and memory loss. They continued to medically neglect him, which worsened his condition.

The Saudi-owned channel, Al Arabiyyah, on Friday claimed that jailed Hamas members attacked Shahatit, which worsened his condition, but Shahatit’s brother, Jihad Shahatit, told QNN that the Al Arabiyya report is baseless and that the Saudi channel did not even communicate with the family.

He said that the channel is trying to make up lies and create disturbances among Palestinians, stressing that the occupation state is responsible for his brother’s condition.

Jihad also said that Mansour does not have a complete memory loss and that they will make sure to provide the needed medical care for him so that he gets better.

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