After 35 years in jail, Rushdi Abu Mokh gets freedom

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli authorities on Monday released Rushdi Abu Mokh after he served 35 years in Israeli jails.

The occupation state arrested Abu Mokh was arrested back in 1986 along with Waleed Daqqa, Ibrahim Abu Mokh, and Ibrahim Bayadseh. They were all sentenced to life before the jail timed was determined of 35 years.

Abu Mokh was supposed to be released last month, however, Israeli authorities claimed that he had a “parking ticket”, so it added 12 days to the sentence of Abu Mokh.

‘Israel’ had rejected to release Abu Mokh in any prisoners swap deal with the resistance factions.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club said Abu Mokh lost his mother, who waited for him for 33 years, just like a lot of old prisoners.

It added that ‘Israel’ is detaining 25 old prisoners, go were arrested before signing Oslo Accords, 11 of them are from the 1948-occupied Palestine, the longest-serving of them are Kareem and Maher Younes, who were arrested in 1983.

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