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Israeli occupation prevents families of celebrating their sons release from jails

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Israeli occupation authorities prevent Palestinian families in occupied East Jerusalem from celebrating the release of their sons after spending years in Israeli prisons.

This week, the Israeli occupation twicely raided the houses of two Palestinian prisoners while their families were celebrating their release from Israeli jails.

Yesterday, the Israeli authorities broke into the house of Palestinian prisoner, Ghazi Kanaan, 48, in Ras al-Amoud neighborhood in East Jerusalem and threatened to re-arrest him if his family holds any celebrations for his release on the next day.

Kanaan was released today after completing his 11-year-prison term in Israeli jails. for resisting its occupation.

On Tuesday, the Israeli occupation also raided another house of Palestinian prisoner Majd Barbar, who released from its jails after completing his 20 years of sentence, attacked people who gathered there to celebrate his release, and re-arrested Majd, but released him the next day after ordering him not to hold any celebrations for him.

The Israeli occupation authorities often re-arrest freed Palestinian prisoners from East Jerusalem and hold them for few days to prevent their families, friends and neighbors from celebrating their release in a way to disrupt his homecoming.

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