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‘Israel’ re-arrests Palestinian prisoner one day after his release

Israeli occupation authorities re-arrested yesterday the Palestinian veteran prisoner Majd Barbar, one day after his release.

Majd Barbar, from Ras al-Amoud neighborhood of East Jerusalem, was arrested on March 30, 2001, for his role in the resistance against the Israeli occupation and sentenced to 20 years.

Barbar was released on Monday after completing his 20-year-prison term in Israeli jails.

However, the Israeli occupation re-arrested him again, one day after his release, after raiding his house yesterday night while his family were celebrating his release.

It’s worth mentioning that the occupation had also transferred Majd to the Russian Compound detention center in West Jerusalem for interrogation, a few days before his release on Monday and summoned Majd’s brother, Izzeddin, for interrogation.

Majd had two children when he was arrested, one of them, a daughter named Zeina, was only 15 days old at the time.

The Israeli occupation authorities often re-arrest freed Palestinian prisoners from East Jerusalem and hold them for few days to prevent their families, friends and neighbors from celebrating their release and in a way to disrupt his homecoming.

The police also ban families from holding any celebrations.

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