UAWC: ‘Israel’ uprooted 130 trees in February only

Occupied West Bank (QNN)- The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) said that the Israeli army and settlers uprooted 130 trees in the West Bank in February this year.

The union said in a report that Israeli settlers carried out attacks on farmers and shepherds. Illegal settlers attacked shepherds in Yatta, while another group of setters started building a settlement outpost in the Eastern Badia of Bethlehem, where they have already confiscated 800 dunums.

Israeli settlers also uprooted 30 fruitful olive and citrus trees in Bruqin, Salfit, 70 fruitful olive trees in Walajjeh, Jerusalem, and 30 olive trees in Kafr Ad Dik, Salfit.

The report noted that the Israeli army demolished three water wells in Al Mughayyir village in eastern Ramallah and three farm ponds in the Jiftlik.

The report also documented cases in which Israeli forces opened fire at locals to repress peaceful protests rejecting land grab. The Israeli army used rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas, leaving several injuries and suffocation cases.

In February, the Israeli army raided Khirbet Humsa three times. In the first raid, it demolished and confiscated 28 homes and structures, displacing nearly 90 Palestinians including 45 children.

The second time, the Israelis dismantled and confiscated sheep pens and demolished 15 tents. While in the third raid, they demolished 17 tents and water tanks.

Meanwhile, in Gaza, the Israeli army carried out 20 assaults, including spraying harmful insecticide, as well as, shooting at fishermen and farmers while they are at work.

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