‘Israel’ sends threatening messages to PLC possible candidates

Ramallah (QNN)- The Israeli authorities on Tuesday sent threatening messages to several possible candidates for the next Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC).

Several figures, including Muhammad Iqtayil and Nayef Rjoub, received messages, ordering them not to run or even participate in campaigning in the next elections.

Nayef Rjoub, a current member of the Legislative Council, told QNN that the occupation state ordered him not to run for the next elections.

“The occupation [state] wants to influence the results of the next elections through its daily arrests and raids”, he added.

“They sent an obvious threatening message to me, warning me of participating in the next elections even if I only participate in a family list. They said my brother, Jebril Ar Rjoub can run for the elections but I can only vote”.

In the same context, Israeli forces broke into the house of Muhammad Iqtayyil and ordered him not to run for the elections.

“In my discussion with an Israeli officer, who broke into my house a few time ago, he ordered me not to participate in the next elections, neither as a candidate nor in anyone’s campaign. So, I asked him: why is it allowed for you to have a political life while we’re not?”, Iqtayil wrote on his Facebook account.

“He said: where do you think you live?! I said: I’m free to run with the PFLP, Hamas, or Fatah. I’m free to do any of that. He said: If you run in the election with the PFLP you will be taken to the Negev [desert jail], and if you run with Hamas you will be taken to Ofer [jail]. My brother asked him: what if he runs with Fatah? he answered: no one will bother him”, Iqtayil continues.

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