Israeli poll: Half of religious, quarter of secular Israelis hate Palestinians and support stripping them of citizenship

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- A new Israeli poll revealed that nearly half of extremist Israeli youth and 23 percent of secular youth hate Palestinians and support stripping them of their citizenship.

The Hebrew University’s aChord Center was conducted among 1,100 respondents between the ages of 16 and 18.

66% of Haredim, 42% of religious nationalists, and 24% of secular Israelis, who were polled expressed feelings of fear and hatred toward native Palestinians, which make up some 20% of the Israelis.

Given that people often avoid admitting their hatred toward another group when responding to polls, the aChord study noted that the high rates “may show that expressing hatred is considered acceptable,” Haaretz reported.

Among native Palestinians, the numbers were much lower, with 12% expressing hatred toward secular Israelis and 22% expressed hate toward religious extremist Israelis.

Settlers’ attacks have sharply increased in recent years. In the first five months of 2020, OCHA documented 143 attacks attributed to Israeli settlers, resulting in Palestinian injuries (38 incidents) or in damage to Palestinian property (105 incidents). These incidents led to the injury of 63 Palestinians, including 13 children, and damage to over 3,700 trees and saplings, various field crops, and more than 100 vehicles, among other assets.

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