Former Shin Bet chief: ‘Israel’ won’t remain for next generation

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- A former Shin Bet chief said in an opinion piece published in the Hebrew Ynet that “Israel will not remain to the next generation for internal causes”.

Yuval Diskin, the former chief of the Israeli Shin Bet said “most of the economic and military burden in Israel will be borne by only 30% of Israelis, and that’s why Israelis will not survive the troubles ahead”.

Diskin stressed that “the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted an existential strategic question, which is: does Israel have the social cohesion, economic flexibility, and military and security power that would ensure the existence of Israel for the next generation?”

He goes on, noting that “demographic trends” (among other factors) “changing the essence of Israel” and endanger its existence.

“Let’s take these trends and spice them up with facts and figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics. We will soon discover that in about 40 years, about half of the country’s citizens will be ultra-Orthodox and Arabs”, he wrote.

Then he continues stressing that ultra-Orthodox and Arabs change the shape of the occupation state and endanger its existence.

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