After over 18 years of waiting, Khatib’s family welcomes him dead

Bethlehem (QNN)- Hundreds of citizens took part in the funeral of Dawud Khatib in Bethlehem today.

The participants called for retaliation from the occupation state and releasing prisoners, who suffer from the Israeli policies of medical negligence and medical murder.

Khatib passed away due to a heart attack while he was in Ofer prison last September.

He was serving a jail sentence of 18 years and a half, which were supposed to end only few months after he died.

The Israeli authorities held the body of Khatib for five months before they handed it over yesterday.

The occupation state had arrested Khatib in April 2001 after surrounding his house in Bethlehem over his activity during the Intifada. His family has been waiting ever since for his release, however, they did not expect that he will get his freedom only after his death.

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