Pictures| Settlers stuck in snowball fight in Jerusalem, four youths arrested

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Israeli army arrested one young man, who has been identified as Alaa Jaabis, from Jabal Al Mukabbir in occupied Jerusalem, and three others from the courtyard of Al Aqsa mosque yesterday, accusing them of throwing snowballs at Israeli settlers.

While young men divided into two groups and had a massive snowball fight in the courtyard of Al Aqsa mosque, an Israeli special force chased young men started chasing them before they beat and arrested three of them yesterday. Justifying the arrests, the Israelis claimed that they were hit by snowballs.

In the same context, WAFA reported that Israeli forces threw sound bombs at the citizens, who went outside their houses to enjoy the snow, which fell in Palestine for the first time in six years.

In the neighborhoods of Tour, Wadi Al Jouz, Suwwaneh, and Sheikh Jarrah, the locals enjoyed the snow, making snowmen and playing in the sow before Israeli forces attacked them turning the celebration into confrontations. A 16-year-old boy was severely beaten by the Israelis, while those, who tried to help him were targeted with teargas and sound bombs. The boy was accused of throwing a snowball at an Israeli soldier.

In Issawiyyeh, Israeli soldiers used rubber-coated metal bullets against locals, wounding two young men and causing damage to a Red Crescent ambulance.

Palestinians circulated several video footages on social media, showing people enjoying the snow and engaging in massive snowball fights in occupied Jerusalem and other Palestinian cities.

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