Report: Israel-UAE oil deal puts Red Sea coral reefs in danger

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Citing Israeli environmentalists, Al Jazeera reported that a UAE-Israeli oil pipeline deal puts unique Red Sea coral reefs in danger and could lead to “the next ecological disaster”.

The report stated that an agreement to bring Emirati crude oil by tanker to a pipeline in the Red Sea port of ‘Eilat’ was inked after the normalization deal between the UAE and the occupation state last year.

However, experts warn that leaks and spills at the ageing Eilat port are possible.

In October 2020, Israeli state-owned Europe-Asia Pipeline Company (EAPC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoD) with a new entity called MED-RED Land Bridge Ltd – a joint venture between Abu Dhabi’s National Holding company and several Israeli firms, according to the report.

While coral populations around the world are under threat from bleaching caused by climate change, the reefs in Umm Ar Rashrash have remained stable due to their unique heat resistance.

Umm Ar Rashrash’s coral beach reserve extends some 1.2 kilometres (almost a mile) off the city’s coast, protecting reefs that are home to a rich variety of marine life.

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