Video| Protests in 1948-occupied territories against Israeli police’s racism

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Hundreds of native Palestinians in the 1948-occupied territories took part in demonstrations against Israel’s complicity with gangs and criminals in the Palestinian community.

In Umm Al Fahem, hundreds of Palestinians took part in protests for the fifth week in a row. The participants performed Friday prayer them they marched towards a police station in protest against the police support of criminals.

In Tamra, hundreds of Palestinians performed Friday prayer next to a police station then they protested against the police brutality and complicity with gangs.

Protesters also took to the streets of Kafr Qara’, Baqa Al Gharbiyyah, Kafr Qasem, and Al Mashhad.

Meanwhile, the Israeli police deployed around the main entrance to Umm Al Fahem and used sewage water against the protesters.

12 Palestinians have been killed in the 1948-occupied territories since the start of this year, including a teenager. Experts and even Israeli officials stated that practices followed by the Israeli police aim at increasing crimes in the native Palestinian community.

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