Pictures| Dozens of injuries with Israeli live bullets, tear gas throughout West Bank

Occupied West Bank (QNN)- Dozens of citizens got wounded on Friday during protests throughout different cities and villages of the occupied West Bank. Israeli sources repressed the protests using live bullets, as well as, tear gas.

Locals of Battir in western Bethlehem performed Friday prayer on land, threatened of confiscation by the occupation state.

The head of the Committee against the Wall and Settlements in Battir, Ghassan Olayyan, said that the targeted land has been threatened by settlers. A settler had already set up a 40*13 meters plastic house under the protection of the Israeli army.

He added that after performing Friday prayer, the locals closed all roads to the targeted land in order to prevent the settler from reaching the plastic house. Olayyan also noted that the same settler had in 2018 constructed a road but the locals confronted him before he came back with an Israeli force to confiscate the land.

In the same context, the Israeli army repressed an activity to plant olive trees in the village of Burin in southern Nablus.

An Israeli force surrounded the area even before it started and closed all the roads to it.

“However, participants of locals and foreign activists could reach the area and plant some trees in the area, located very close to the ‘Giv’at Ronin’ settlement, which as been built on the village’s land”, he added.

Israeli soldiers threw stun and tear gas bombs at the participants. No injuries have been reported.

In the same vein, several citizens were suffocated on Friday when Israeli soldiers repressed a protest against the construction of a new settlement outpost in Ash Shurfa mountain in Deir Jarir, Ramallah.

Confrontations also erupted in Ras Al Qanatter, causing suffocation cases.

Under IOF protection, Israeli settlers had set up a tent and started excavations in the area two months ago.

Settlers also unleash their sheep to the village’s farms, causing severe losses for farmers.

In Humsa Al Foqa, dozens of citizens gathered to show solidarity with the locals of the village.

The Israeli army had demolished the village four times last week, leaving 14 families homeless in one of the largest forced displacement operations in years, according to the United Nations.

In Beit Dajan, Israeli soldiers shot two citizens and caused dozens to suffocate with tear gas during the repression of an anti-settlement activity.

In Salfit, a young man has been wounded in his head with a tear gas canister during the Israeli repression of Friday prayer on land threatened of confiscation.

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