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Calls for mass demonstrations in 1948-occupied land on Friday

Israeli Arabs protest against violence, organised crime and recent killings among their communities, in the Arab town of Majd al-Krum in Northen Israel on October 3, 2019. (Photo by Ahmad GHARABLI / AFP)

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Palestinian activists in the 1948-occupied Palestine called for mass demonstrations on Friday against the Israeli police’s racist policies against native Palestinians and complicity with criminals and gangs in the Palestinian community.

Activists participated on social media in a campaign under the title “Protesting on Friday”, calling for continuing to protest against Israeli crimes.

Ahmad Khalifa, an activist from Umm Al Fahem, said that the Israeli police are completely responsible for what has been going on in the native Palestinian community in the 1948-occupied Palestine.

He told QNN that next Friday will see different demonstrations that include all parties and unions.

“We do not want the Israeli police to get into our houses. They either be responsible for their occupation or they leave our land, there is no third solution”, he said.

“The side which takes direct responsibility is the Israeli institution, also the security establishment, which covers up the Israeli institution, and Israeli political and security institutions, which work on making the people poorer and putting them in cantons.”

Demonstrations have been sweeping several cities and towns in the 1948-occupied land for over a week so far. The protests call for an end to the Israeli support and complicity with gangs and criminals in the native Palestinian community.

Unofficial statistics reveal that at least 12 native Palestinians have been killed in the 1948-occupied land in 2021.