Poll: Over 96% of Palestinians will participate in elections

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The vast majority of Palestinians will participate in the next legislative election in May, revealed a new poll.

According to a poll made by the International Relations Forum for Debate and Policies, 96.6% of those surveyed will take part in the legislative election.

Meanwhile, 3.45 of those surveyed said they will not participate. Some of them explained their decision saying that they will not participate in elections as long as there is an Israeli occupation, while others questioned the results.

When asked about the reasons why they think that the factions agreed to hold the elections, 70.9% said that foreign pressure forced the factions to hold the elections, while 11% said that it was due to the factions’ belief in the necessity of the elections.

The poll also revealed that 51.6% of those included in the survey will elect Hamas’ list, 20% will elect Dahlan’s, 17.4% will elect Fatah’s, while 11% chose other lists.

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