‘Zionist’, ‘Zionism’ added by Facebook to protected terms list

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Facebook has added the terms ‘Zionist’ and ‘Zionism’ to its list of protected terms that are not allowed to be criticized on the platform, said Sada Social.

Facebook’s move comes as part of its ongoing campaign, dealing with the occupation government in stifle on the Palestinian content. Both terms have been included within Facebook’s policy against ‘hate speech’, allowing its algorithms detect and delete everything related to the terms.

Social media platforms have carried out 28 violations against the Palestinian content during the first month of 2021, according to Sada Social.

A statement by the watchdog stated that the violations include 17 violations by Facebook, 7 by Twitter, two by Tik Tok, and two by Instagram.

Sada Social also documented an attack on the website of the international The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS), in an attempt to block its service and prevent them from proceeding with their work.

Facebook has been targeting the Palestinian content, decreasing the Palestinian pages reach to less than 50%. Facebook also puts terms like ‘Hamas, resistance, Hezbollah, and Jihad’ on its restricted words list, deleting all posts that include any of the terms even if they were news posts.

Meanwhile, Sada Social has succeeded to return 10 Palestinian accounts on Twitter, including four for the Quds News Network, an account for Al-Rai Agency, and an account for the Capital News Network – Palestine.

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