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‘Israel’ to turn village’s only drinkable water spring into park for settlers

Jordan Valley (QNN)- The Israeli settlement council surrounded Sakout water spring, the only water spring in the area and the main source of drinkable water for several villages, with barbed wire in preparation for confiscating it in order to construct a settlers-only park.

The Sakout water spring is located near the borders between Palestine and Jordan. Activist Firas Foqaha told QNN that the occupation state seized the area in 1967 under the pretext of being buffer zones.

He added that locals recovered nearly 5000 dunums after filing lawsuits against the occupation state at the supreme court but the Israeli army refused to apply the court rule.

He also said that the Israelis surrounded the water spring with barbed wire and put signs claiming that it is “private property”.

Foqaha added that the water spring has been the only and main source of drinkable water for several villages in the area.

“The settlement council will probably turn the water spring into a settlers-only park, preventing Palestinians from reaching it”, he said.

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